Best Keywords for Work At Home Jobs


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Try making your own combinations.

Best Single Keywords:

  • telecommute
  • remote
  • virtual
  • independent contractor
  • virtual call center
  • home-based
  • remote position
  • off-site position
  • virtual position
  • home-based agent
  • virtual employee

Uncommon, but effective keywords to use:

*use with quotes*

  • “freelance position”
  • “this is a freelance position”
  • “offsite position”
  • “remote contractor”
  • “will work from home”
  • “option to telecommute”
  • “must have home office”
  • “telecommute from anywhere”
  • “home-based position”
  • “quiet work space”

Keyword Combinations

*Replace customer service with a job title that interests you*
  • “work from home” + “customer service”
  • “work at home” + “customer service”
  • “telecommute” + “customer service”
  • “virtual” + “customer service”
  • “work from home” + “agent”
  • “customer service” + “from home”
  • “home-based” + “customer service”
  • “telework” + “customer service”
  • telecommuting” + “customer service”
  • “independent contractor” + “customer service”
Try blending these to make your own unique keywords.

About the Author

Shannon is a wife, a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and a proud stay at home mother of three. She began working from home in the IT Field in 2005 when her pregnancy prevented her from leaving home. Being the hard-worker she is, she did not allow this to hinder her own dreams, but it inspired her to take on a new journey - one that would change her life forever.