CloudCrowd Review: Receive Money The Next Day. 8

About Shannon

Shannon is a wife, a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and a proud stay at home mother of three. She began working from home in the IT Field in 2005 when her pregnancy prevented her from leaving home. Being the hard-worker she is, she did not allow this to hinder her own dreams, but it inspired her to take on a new journey - one that would change her life forever.

  • Scubasteve1321

    Great review. I am surprised that this website has so few relative workers. They offer a great service to their customers and to their work force. I haven’t made much money on the site yet but if you put in the time it is very do-able. I found some more information on CloudCrowd, Check it out!

  • Ron Paul Coin

    Sounds a lot like Amazon Turk, although Turk doesn’t pay daily…

    • Shannon

      Yes. This program is very similar to Amazon Turk… Instead You get paid daily for tasks thayt you performed the previous day. Some of the tasks are very similar to what you have seen on MTurk.

    • Kelly Goble

      I thought Amazon Turk did pay daily. Never did it because
      I would need to get a handle on it so I don’t waste my time on jobs for pennies.

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