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Alpine Access Review

Alpine Access Review


What is Alpine Access?

Alpine Access is a well-known company a part of the outsourced call centers industry.  They have been around for thirteen years.  They have taken a unique revolutionary approach to customer care solutions by allowing professional individuals the opportunity to work in the comfort of their homes.

Since 1998, they have managed to remain the leading home-based customer care company and consistently deliver quality results and professional services to both small and large corporations in the United States and Canada.


What will I be doing?

For the most part, you will be working as a customer care professional.  This will consist of handling inbound/outbound calls, assisting customers, and offering solutions.


Are there any fees to start?

About the background check at Alpine Access…

Alpine access seek to hire the most professional individuals they can find.  In some cases, you may be required to handle sensitive information such as credit card numbers, personal phone numbers and addresses of the customers.With that being said, they do require that you pay for your own background check – which is around $45.00.  You are only required to pay the $45.00 if you are offered an position with Alpine Access.

About the headset you will need for Alpine Access…

For most work at home companies, you will have to provide your own equipment such as your headset, your own computer or laptop, an additional phone line and so on.  They expect for you to purchase these things you need to get the work done, because you are working from home.  If you were working at a tangible location these things will be provided for you.

You will need two headsets prior to your first day of work.

  • A USB headset for your online training.  These headsets usually costs around $20 to $50.  The headset must have a microphone and a mute button.  It must also feature an hands-free option and connect to your computer via a USB port.  You can get the best prices on a headset at USB Headset for Alpine Access


Plantronics MX500i 3-in-1 Headset.  Normally under $40.00 at  Features a mute button, usb port, hands-free option and a microphone.  My top choice.

  • You will also need a corded telephone headset to plug into your telephone base.  It must feature a noise cancelling feature and hands-free option.  These headset are a little more expensive than the USB headset and normally run around $100 dollars in office supply stores – however Amazon has the Plantronics headsetfor $30 less than the retail price.

    Telephone headset for Alpine Access

    Corded headset for Alpine Access.


About the Credit Check

Before considering a position with Alpine Access, please be aware that negative reports on your credit check from a client may prevent you from working with certain accounts – however medical collections are not a threat.

An example of a negative report on your credit check are:

  • repossessions,
  • charge-off accounts with a remaining balance,
  • judgements against you,
  • tax liens,
  • and foreclosures.

Consider these things BEFORE beginning the application process.  If you are unaware of the whats listed on your credit report, you can obtain a free credit report at


What is training like at Alpine Access?

You will be trained online at the Alpine Access University (AAU).  At this virtual location, you will be trained on the products you will be using and how to use the software.

All of your training will be online or over the phone.  You will not need to meet up with Alpine Access face to face.  By taking your training online, you will have the opportunity to engage and interact with others Alpine Access trainees and instructors to make sure you have everything you need to move forward.

You will not have to pay for training.  Alpine Access will pay you for training.

Depending on the job offer you accept, training can last from three days to ten weeks.

The only problem I have with the training is that it is a fixed schedule unlike your work schedule and 100% attendance is required.  You must pass the training tests to become an employee with Alpine Access.


How much do Alpine Access pay?

In general, the pay rate ranges around $9.00 per hour.  You will be paid per hour you work, not per call you take.  Alpine Access pay their employees every two weeks by direct deposit.  They do not send checks.


Do Alpine Access offer benefits?

Alpine Access does offer benefits.  In order to qualify, you must work a minimum of 20 hours per week.  Your benefits will start 30 days after your hire date.  Benefits includes:

  • medical insurance
  • dental insurance
  • vision insurance
  • 401(k) plan (for qualified employees who have worked 1,000 hours in one year)


Will I be and Independent Contractor or Employee?

At Alpine Access you are an employee, not an independent contractor.


Pros and Cons about Alpine Access.

From doing a thorough research, these are the pros and cons that I have found.

PROS about Alpine Access

  • You will work a set schedule that YOU agree to.
  • You are paid every two weeks by direct deposit.
  • Supportive staff, team leaders, and technical support.
  • Great benefits.
  • Awesome training.
  • The ability to work from home, save on gas and clothing.

CONS about Alpine Access

  • Software or equipment may malfunction
  • Schedules are final after you have agreed to them.
  • Holidays pay not offered.
  • 10 minute breaks.
  • Must request time off one month in advance.



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If you have worked for Alpine Access, please feel free to share your experience with us by leaving a comment.


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  • I. Hate Alpine

    Here’s a quick review of working for Alpine.

    The communication breakdown started before I was even hired. I was promised a call back for an interview and never got it. Called them to schedule and finally got in touch with someone saying they’d get back to me the following week. I was hired and told I’d be given info on training within the next week. I was not contacted for nearly two weeks so I called them again. It seems they lost my background check info and when they found it they forgot to contact me about setting up a training schedule. (Keep in mind I had already spend over $100 on phone equipment since it had to be on my desk by the start of training.) Training was done at my state’s minimum wage and took over a month to complete. My trainer was competent but the systems we were to use and the information we were given was out of date not to mention the fact we were unable to train for billing which is what 90% of our calls were on. Once I started taking live calls the communication ceased almost entirely. I had 4 different bosses in 6 months and never knew who to report to and every time I had to report anything such as missed time worked (I shall get to the technical issues in more detail later) it needed to be reported in at least three different places, none of which were easy to find on their webpage. We were placed on the phones after 2 weeks of our month long training due to high call volume for a product launch with no way to handle the issues that came up. If we were unable to work our shift due to a problem with one of the company’s systems we were told we’d be paid but this turned out to be a flat out LIE because in reality all technical issues caused by Alpine’s systems were unpaid and we were still expected to work on getting them resolved.  I started my shift PROMPTLY at the assigned starting time, ended exactly at the ending time and took all of my breaks and lunch EXACTLY on time yet some how lost at least 10 minutes every day from my pay as even being gone one second past when you’re supposed to be back docks you 2.5 minutes and to be honest, when I have to use the bathroom I can’t always time it perfectly! Finally the ultimate communications breakdown occurred just before the end of my employment. I had been promised a 1 on 1 coaching and improvement session before I completed training. Nearly 8 months later I had not received any 1 on 1 time with any of my 4 different bosses when I was finally called aside by my boss… to be informed my performance wasn’t good enough so I was being let go. That’s right, the first feedback I EVER received in 8 months on the job was a layoff notice. I was told I’d work two more weeks to see if I could find a job internally. The next time I tried to log in for work I was locked out of the company system. I reported this to tech support who said they’d work on it and that was the last I ever heard from this company.

    • Thanks for stopping by and telling us about your experience. This information is very useful to myself and others who may read this post. It always good to hear from previous employees both good and bad reviews.

    • ionagal73

      Sounds like some of what I experienced in my 2 years with Alpine, but being told your employment is ending for poor performance is NOT a “layoff”…it is a termination.  “Layoff implies that the disruption of your employment is temporary, through no fault of your own and you are expected to return to work at some point. 

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  • eilove

    I worked for Alpine Access for nine months.  It was a wonderful experience.  The down-side is definitely the difficulty in getting time off. At first after 6 wks of intensive training, you are given a schedule that is usually a difficult one.  I worked 4:30pm to 1:30am, which included one day on the weekend.  I was only offered a day schedule when I announced my resignation. I did leave because I found a much more flexible job, while offering the flexibility I wanted, just didn’t work out for me.  I reapplied with Alpine, and was told I was not eligible for rehire. I wrote to HR and never received a response as to why.
    The only negative I could find with Alpine Access is the constant use of “stats”.  Your call taking has to be at a certain percentage, as does your call time and calls are monitored.  If you have no problem with stats or late-night beginning hours, then I would definitely recommend Alpine!  They are legitimate, reputable and unlike most at home companies, pay a decent hourly wage, and not simply a “by call” amount.

    • Thanks. This is great information Ellove. I believe VIPDesk is a more flexible company when it comes to hours.

    • ionagal73

      I resigned from Alpine Access twice and was recently invited to interview after applying again.  My reasons were for military moves to states where Alpine did not operate.  I found that Alpine Access has been very supportive of military spouses and several of my friends have had intermittent employment with them over a number of years and have always been welcomed back to employment.  I think you should have persued this issue a little more agressively.  Because everything with Alpine is done through messaging, yours may have simply gotten lost in the shuffle?

      • Linda Lane

        Thank ya for the insight. I have just been invited to interview with them in a few days. I don’t mind working evening shift and at least one weekend a month.  The only hesitation is the credit background check.  Does anyone know how flexible they are with that?  Thank you. 

      • shannperks

        Thank you for posting your experience. We appreciate you.

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  • Linda Lane

    Thank ya for the insight. I have just been invited to interview with them in a few days. I don’t mind working evening shift and at least one weekend a month.  The only hesitation is the credit background check.  Does anyone know how flexible they are with that?  Thank you. 

    • shannperks

      Well I got offered a job with them a while back and went through the credit check. I had to also get my information notarized. They are a trusted company and I would not worry much at all about that. Your credit score needs to be in good condition. You will be handling customer’s personal information and they have to make sure they can trust you.

  • Marquee1066

    I would like to know if I can work from home as an American, but in a foreign country. If not Alpine, then is there anybody else out there who will do this?

    • shannperks

      I am not sure. If you are an American, most likely you will need to prove that you are by having a USA license or some sort of proof that you are a legal American citizen.

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  • terrance smith

    I wanna know how long does it take to get a job offer. they told me I was put in a holding area for new candidates. How does this process take before being offered a job

    • Guest

      did you ever get called? did they ever follow up?

    • Miriam Barnett

      did they ever follow up with you? how long did it take?

  • sad waste of time

    This company has many clients. The division I worked for was very unorganized and rude. One person would say you have to do this and another would say thats illegal for you to do. 95% of my training class had quit within 6 months beause of the inconsistancies and degrading manners of the managers. We would have agents crying almost daily because of the management.