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by August 7, 2010 Work At Home Reviews


Normally, I don’t write work at home reviews about opportunities that I have heard about over the radio, however this time was different.  You probably heard about too, announced over your favorite radio station…but you weren’t sure exactly what the opportunity entailed.  I decided to investigate to discover what this opportunity unleashes.

Before we get started:

This review is not endorsed by and is not meant to influence you to take on this opportunity or reject it.  This is a personal review of  Upon completion of this review, you are responsible for coming to your own conclusions.

A little background about,  has been in service since December of 2001.  According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), (which they have been a member of since November 30, 2003) they hold a A+ rating on a scale of an A+ to an F, which shows that they have supported the Better Business Bureau Accreditation Standards.  In simpler terms, has made good faith attempts to resolve any consumer complaints, however this does not mean that BBB has evaluated or endorsed the business’ products or the product quality or competency in performing services. business is associated with Online Business Systems (OBS) which is located in Colorado Springs and they own sixteen sites, which are the following:

What is is promoting a company called Online Business Systems (OBS), which is a marketing tool designed to assist people in establishing a Herbalife based business from home using their computer, the internet, and website templates along with a step-by-step lead generation method.

How much does costs?

Initially, you will have to pay a shipping and handling fee of $9.95 for the package.  If you decide to continue on past the first 14 days, you will pay an additional $39.95 and will conduct an interview with a business coach that will provide you with additional details concerning the system.  I have heard that after you are in, there will be additional money needed to run your business over many forums.

Is a Scam? and OBS is not a work at home scam.  They are simply recruiting people to sell herbalife and encourage them to recruit others as well.  Many people may write them off as a scam, simply due to their business type. is considered a multi-marketing business structure.

What is multi-level marketing?

According to Susan Ward from, “Multilevel Marketing, or MLM, is a system for selling goods or services through a network of distributors.  The typical Multilevel Marketing program works through recruitment. You are invited to become a distributor, sometimes through another distributor of the Multilevel Marketing company’s products and sometimes through a generally advertised meeting.  If you choose to become a distributor with the Multilevel Marketing company, you’ll earn money both through the sales of the MLM’s products and through recruiting other distributors, by receiving a portion of the income these distributors generate.”

This is simply defined by Susan.   So in other words, you will be responsible for selling their products and recruiting others to do the same.  Once you recruit some one underneath you, you will then earn a portion of their commissions.

What do I think of

I think that it may be a viable solution for people interested in recruiting others to sell herbalife.  However, for me, I have never been able to succeed in multi-level marketing businesses.  It may be due to the fact that I don’t necessarily like to “recruit” people that I see leisurely walking in the grocery stores or taking a stroll through the mall.  That’s just not me.

On the other hand, some people have became successful in businesses like these.  It seems as though is giving people the opportunity to build a successful business with pre-designed websites and lead generation tools, which may be viable.

Multi-level marketing is a very debated conversation online.  Some have claimed that it’s a very resourceful way to build residual income through your downline, whereas others claims they have failed miserable with no success.  I assume it depends on the person.

With all this said, I can definitely say not a scam, however it is not an opportunity that you can expect to run on automatic either.  Over the radio, the hosts makes the opportunity seem so easy (a chime to many ears), but I doubt that it is.  Keep in mind that these hosts have been paid to deliver this message to their audience, so they have to make it sound all good.  I believe if you decide to go with this opportunity, just like any other businesses, you will have to put in a lot of time and hard work to see some results.

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  • Jon Bachrach

    Good article. I was just on the phone with one of the "coaches" who was explaining the business to me, and he made it sound like it is very possible to earn good money by just selling the product and not recruiting. Do you think there is validity to this? Also, I think they are legitimate, but I am nervous about all of the monthly fees involved once you sign up ($150 for the package + at least $60 a month (not including advertising costs) for use of their software and credit card vendor fees).

    • Fommatt419

      Be careful they got $5,000 from me just getting me signed up in credit card service for my supposed customers, etc. and no one is buying anything now! Especially health shakes! They WILL suck you in and wear you out! SCAM to me!Can you say pyramid?

      • I sorry to hear that they got that much money from you – honestly I have heard that a lot before floating all around the internet. Please be careful guys and always check around a few times when dealing with new companies.

  • Hi Jon,

    I have heard both sides of the story. Some people who have taken this opportunity say that it can get very expensive once you get going, whereas others did not mention the expenses whatsoever. One thing to consider is that everyone is getting some type of commission. The person who you were on the phone with is most likely getting a commission from recruiting you or helping you to move forward. Keep that in mind. It is their job to make it seem easy…

    This opportunity is definitely not a scam, as I mentioned in my article…they are simply recruiting people to sell Herbalife.

    When I researched this opportunity, it sort of reminded me of Primerica or similar businesses. Those are not considered scams but you do have to work hard to get the results you want. It may require additional fees and hard work and some people become really successful, while others fail miserably and write it off as a scam.

    I think it just depends on you. Take the time to really consider who you can sell this product to after you run out of family members and friends. How do their website work once you're on? Make sure to consider the return of investment.

    For me, it seems to be a little expensive, but I am not sure what they are offering for that price. Advertising costs and website maintenance should be included in a price like that.

    Let us know how it turns out Jon and leave us a comment.

    Best Regards,


  • Rick

    You saved me $9.95……  Thank you very mucch !!!!
    I look forward to your newsletter.

    Very Kind Regards,

  • Mark

    There’s some very simple math that tells the whole story.  Annual revenues of 2.7 billion divided by 1.9 million distributors means that each person sells an average of $1400 a year.  If one makes a 10% commission that’s $140 a year for each and every person selling Herbalife.  Is that really worth the effort?

  • cardboardboxman

    THanks.  you also saved me 9.95.  I see how mlm;s work and such and have no problem with them.  to be successful you have to put your whole heart and soul into it more so than a regular 9-5 job.  not for me, tried it.  

  • jules

    I am one who “knows better” – because I’ve tried these types of
    “businesses” in the past, and know they are not for me. 
    HOWEVER, this time I leapt without first researching – and I still regret that
    I did.  I think I did so, because I heard the advertisement voiced by some
    of my favorite radio hosts, trusting they wouldn’t peddle something less than
    reputable, just for money.  HA!  But that is another conversation
    altogether.  I also fell for the “risk-free” ploy – it’s not. 
    Here’s what I experienced….   I went right to their website
    (instead of getting review info online – like this site – first!).  It was
    a very busy time for me, as I was in the middle of escrow for my first house,
    moving, and still holding down a very stressful job.  And yet, I
    leapt.   In addition to the $10 for shipping the “information
    SHIPPING), you have to pay an additional $40…  for the “RISK FREE,
    FREE INFORMATION”…  A-HEM!!….  Not ONCE on the website do
    they mention ANY of this, until AFTER you’ve entered your credit card info and
    clicked on “accept” – thinking, “so, it’ll only cost me $10 to
    check it out to see if this is for me…”  when I saw the VERY quick
    message pop up, then quickly disappear, I thought, “uh-oh.  What did
    you do now??…  Oh well, I can at least send it back (HASSLE) and the
    whole mistake will only cost me about $20 for shipping…  UGH!”  Needless to
    say, they had already lost my respect at that moment.  YET, I thought –
    “who knows, it may turn out to be something I can do for some extra
    income.  ESPECIALLY since they claim it only takes about an hour or 2 per
    day to see SOME profit…  I was very skeptical and already dismayed by
    what I saw as misleading claims, and a very SECRETIVE business marketing
    practice…  So, the packet came, I opened it up…  STILL, the info
    was sorely lacking…  if you wanted to REALLY know more, the letter said
    you must “call this number and make an appointment with a
    ‘coach’….”  More crumbs for me to follow, and all I could think
    was, “ugh, how stupid am I?!”  ….  OH!!!  And there
    GETTING STUCK WITH THE $40 ADDL CHARGE!!!!  So, all you CAN do – is CALL
    THE NUMBER.  I was too irritated to call, because I knew they had already
    lost me, and I would NOT invest anymore in this company, no matter what they
    are selling.  However, after a few days, I began getting constant calls and a
    couple of voicemails from the REP/COACH.  I finally decided to call back
    on the way home from work.  I was very polite, yet honest, with the
    “coach” that the journey leading to this phone call had already shown
    me that I’d rather not do business with this company – no matter what the
    product.  I explained to him that I was under alot of stress and time
    constraint due to being in escrow, and I would probably be sending the stuff
    back.  I was curious though, so I decided to get my money’s worth and ask
    him how the business works.  Now I knew it was Herbalife, and that it was
    a MLM business.  I asked him, “if your company is so proud of, and
    confident in your product – why not just simply let people know right out of
    the gate WHAT it is??!!  Put the numbers RIGHT out there, to show your
    success, and in doing so, showing the REAL opportunity to those who are
    interested??”  As a note, I was very respectful; there was no
    yelling….  no snide undertone, etc…  Well, not from ME
    anyway!!  To add insult to injury, HE was snide in HIS tone – as though I was wasting HIS time!!!  He refused to
    answer my questions, but instead just kept telling me, “you have to book a
    coaching appointment, and then we can go over the details.” 
    Wow.  Even after I had told him of my impression thus far, THIS was the
    best customer service he could muster???!!!  I thanked him for his time,
    and told him I would have to call back later when not driving, for the return address.  When
    I made that call, getting voicemail, I asked him to please leave the return
    info on my voicemail ASAP, as there is a time limit.  Not surprisingly, there was NO return call.  I
    called 2 more times leaving my contact info, asking for the courtesy of a
    return call with shipping info to return the info.  I HAVE YET TO HEAR
    THE INFO PACKET!!!!  DISGUSTING!!!  Whether you want to use the word
    “SCAM” or not – this company MOST DEFINITELY HAS NO
    INTEGRITY!!!!  I will be forwarding my complaint to the BBB.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. Seems like you went through quite a bit with this company. I am very disaapointed that they treated you that way and I am happy that you are voicing you opinion to try to keep others from failing into the same trap.

    • Tczmo

      I myself am considering moving forward and appreciate your experience. My question to others is, has anyone actually moved forward with the advertisement plan? The fact that a rep was a pain, only suggest that the rep is not a goods business man.

      Starting a business with $500 bucks and $1,000 of advertisement budget, as for as business go is not to bad.

      So info from anyone who has put the money into the advertisement, is welcomed.

  • Sacredspace

    Thank you…  Appreciate your input

  • Memberssar

    I ,like many others needed to find a new avenue to earn money,and heard the infomercials on the radio.,which claim you can earn money from home,using the internet,no cold calling ,no need for hounding friends/relatives.,or going door to door or handle inventory!,so on &so on.,well I paid the 9.95,and a phone call.,all the 9.95 got me was a couple DVDs and  pamphlets that didn’t explain anything ,leaving me with more questions than answers!,  the  coach rep that I talked to said If I was serious about making money that I should go right to the upgrade package for 495.00 and start learning the bis! being in need of  income I fell for all the hipe and got a bunch of vitamins and books to read.,told later that to get on the fast track I could buy my way up the ladder for a what could be thousands of dollars ,and need about 1000.00 or so more as a budget for advertising.there were a couple other scenarios that would not cost as much,but it would require much more work like going door to door or talking to anyone and everyone to bring people in.I feel that I was taken advantage  of due to my money situation., those who work the plan play on peoples emotions to draw them in,instead of being up front and explaining that if you do not have the capitol to start at a certain level than the business is probably not for you.there are allot of hidden fees/expenses that are all but required so as to make any amount of money that pop up around every corner that are not explained about up front.It may not be a scam,  and some people do make big money with it,but its not as easy or automatic as they make it out to be on those commercials, so get all the facts before you spend money you cant afford .,Wish I had been more careful !!!!

    • Memberssar,

      Thank you for giving us feedback on what happened to you. It really upset me when companies play on people’s hearts and vunerabilities like that. You end up being in a worse situation when all you were trying to do is come up. FTC should be more active in eliminating programs that promise false hope.

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  • Susan

     I really need to make some extra money right now.  I was hoping this would be my answer. I can’t imagine having to fork out the fees mentioned here.  I thought the point was to MAKE MONEY. Y’all saved me some money.  THANK YOU. And another point, I’m very disappointed in a couple of radio personalities for endorsing this themselves. Advertising something on a show s one thing, but to endorse a product is entirely different to me.  Money or not, personally endorsing a product should mean something-IMHO.
    This may not be a scam, but in this economy, who has the kind of money to put into something like this and take the chance on losing it?  In my case, I’m not good at selling, but I was thinking of giving it a try.  No can do-it’s not worth it to me after reading the messages here. I  might do better buying a lottery ticket. LOL  THANKS TO ALL HERE FOR SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCES!!  Wishing all of you the best.

  • Fin4080

    why is this not being called a ponzi sheme?

  • Zoo

    How in the f*** do I contact these damn losers. Maybe I was wron but I read that i wouldn’t be charged the 40 until 14 days. I have not recieved the packet and was already charged the 40. I need a way to contact this so called “business”.

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  • devil girl 1

    You have got to hand it to Herbal Life, they have successfully packaged, marketed and sold bullshit!

  • Crstargile
  • Crstargile
  • Crstargile

    I thought about trying it

  • star

    Good thing I didn’t try it.

  • star

    Iliked it  

  • guest
  • guest
  • Warhawk40

    This whole deal sounds to me (after reading the article and comments) like a classic pyramid scam.

    • Well Warhawk40, It’s been called some of everything – from a scam, to a pyramid scheme, to everything else you can think of. I guess if you look at their tactics of recruiting others to do the same thing that they are doing – it does sound that way. Some have found success in this business and mastered the opportunity, whereas other may have failed miserably. I guess, it just depends what an individual is looking for.

  • Jackie Gauthier

    I have gotten to know a little bit about Multi-Level Marketing business and it seems most people do not care for them. I am wondering is it sharing the business with others or acquiring new customers? Or some have described stock piling products.
    In any case, I have come to learn that those business models are broken and mainly because they are a Horizonatal Marketing Structure.

    I know of a business model that is Internet Based, Not Multi-Level Marketing meaning you get paid for ALL business that you market/sell to the end consumer, is a Business with Leverage (as Robert Kiyosaki teaches) but it is not a Robert Kiyosaki business, has a Strong Training System in place, sells and markets for every major retailer and is global…If anyone on this site is looking to understand how to develop an online business with leverage meaning the money will still come in even if you have to take a break yourself and you are able to assess different business models and what makes them different mean you are opening to seeing whats out there, I am available at We can plan a time chat about this Live via SKYPE.

  • z–man

    If there’s anything which proves the notion that life isn’t fair, it’s MLM. For some people it works, and for others, it just doesn’t. It doesn’t matter what the product/service is. You can sign up, spend the money, go to all the training sessions, spend even more money on the “extra” training, have the best attitude, work hard, go to conventions, go to all the rah-rah sessions, put in the effort, do everything required, and not make a dime. Then you’ve got the guy sitting next to you who does very little and is rolling in the cash. Why? Who knows. As I said before, for some people, it just works, and for others, it just doesn’t. One thing I’ve noticed however: If you’re an ethnic minority in America and part of a large ethnic community (Arabic, Indian, Russian, Greek, etc) in your area, then your chances of success are higher.

  • Flavia Dcosta

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