West at Home Job Review

What is West at Home?

West at Home is a part of West Corporation, which is one of the leading providers of outsourced communication solutions. They have over 20 years of customer contact experience.  West at Home offers job seekers the opportunity to start a telecommute career as an at-home agent.

How much does West at Home pay?

It really depends on the company they assign you to.  Some of the companies will pay you per minute you stay on the call with a customer, whereas others may guaranteed you an hourly rate regardless of how many calls you take.  From reviews I have heard workers state they make twenty cents per minute and others have stated that they earn a guaranteed $9 an hour.  

Is West at Home a Scam?

West at home is not a scam.  Keep in mind, just because a company does not deliver in the way you expect them to, does not mean they are a scam. Quite often, you will see complaints about companies online (usually from a former employee), stating that they were scammed by the company.  Normally, the real issue behind the statement is that they were probably let go in a way they did not agree with.  However, this does not mean they were a scam.

As stated earlier, West at Home is a division of West Corporation.  Their corporate headquarters is located at:

11808 Miracle Hills Dr.
Omaha, NE 68154

Work at home scams are very common online and it is easy to confuse them with legitimate telecommute positions.  In order to be sure you are dealing with a legitimate company online, be sure to do your research first.  Visit the Better Business Bureau and seek information about the company.  This is a free service and will help you determine the legitimacy of the company you are dealing with.
However, you should also visit Home Job Stop, which is a database that lists current openings for telecommute careers.  Home Job Stop has a diversity of telecommute positions available, such as customer service, tech support, programming, graphic design, recruiters, data entry and many other avenues.

If you are having a hard time determining if work at home companies are scams, then you may choose to join their membership program, which is a one-time fee of $24.  Each company listed on their site has been screened by a real staff to determine the legitimacy of the company so that you will not have to.

Are there fees to start at West at Home?

You will be required to pay for a background check fee, which is $29.95, which will not be reimbursed.  A copy of the background investigation will be sent to you.

Additionally, you will be responsible for equipping your home office in order to proficiently run you small business as an at-home agent.

West at Home Complaints

Some workers complained about the hours and low pay rate.  For instance, one worker stated on a forum that she was scheduled to work 40 hours, however she only managed to fulfill 25 out of the 40.  Which means she did not get paid the amount of money she was expected (only the hours she fulfilled).

Another worker stated that she loved working for West at Home and that she averages $12 an hour working for a cell phone company through West at Home.  She stated that she work during evening times and it is a pay-per-minute position that pays 20 cents/minute and there is a guaranteed $9/ hour even if no calls are received.

How do I apply?

Visit http://www.apply.westathome.com/applicationprocess.html

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  • mostly satisfied

    I have worked at West At Home part-time for a short time, but have found it to be a good company, and  good additional income.  The hours are not set, so you need to check for hours that are available, and if you want to work those specific available hours, you click and it is assigned for you.  Very easy.  Generally, the time is in 1/2 hr time slots, but it is possible to get as many as ten hrs per day.  The pay is per minuite, or a guaranteed hourly wage if it is slow.  Any downside to this company/job?  Perhaps one, training is completely on your own.  It’s easy and you can review at any time, but if the “script” is not read in its entirety, (when customers call), you are “disciplined.”  Sometimes customers do not want to listen. ……all in all it’s a good job.

    • Jyc30


      Can you tell me how often you get paid as a West at Home agent? Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly?
      Thanks in advance!

      • Snoopchic

        I also work for West.  You get paid bi-weekly.  I really enjoy being able to choose my shift.  Some days I am not scheduled, yet end up free.  And I am able to go in and pick up shifts that someone else is not able to work.  I really love the flexabilty in the job!

  • inquiring mind

    Very helpful information thank you.

    • http://www.theworkfromhomelounge.com Shannon

      You’re very welcome!

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