10 Jobs You Can Do From Home On Your Computer.

The following is a list of  jobs you can do from home on your computer.  Hopefully this comprehensive list will help you decide which position will best fit your skills and experience.

First off I want to state that finding a job that you can do from home on your computer all depends on you… and what you would like to do.

You have the chunk change websites, like micro jobs… These jobs pay you for every assignement that you complete.

You have jobs that pay you according to the schedule that you are entitled to create.

And last, you have jobs that pay you consistently with liettle effort.

The following is a list to help you decide on the above.

Online Tutoring Jobs

There are several sites that offer online tutoring jobs for individuals who specialize in certain subjects.

As an online tutor, you can set your own schedule and enjoy the convenience of working from any location with Internet access.

One of the legitimate tutoring jobs that I can reccomend is:


BrainMass.com is a homework help resource for academic students.  Since 2001, BrainMass have tutored thousands of college and university students, one question at a time. Their website list several step-by-step solutions. Students may request a personalized reply from an academic expert – which would be you.

You will be paid 60% of the Credit value received by BrainMass for your first 10 responses. After the 10 responses have been submitted, you will be paid 70% of the Credit value. The remaining funds are kept by BrainMass to cover its hosting and administrative costs.

You can read my entire review here:
Brainmass Work at Home Review

Online Telemarketing Jobs

If you enjoy working in sales, then this is the position for you.

Telemarketing is a booming work at home position.

Personally, I have worked in telemarketing business before, however I did not find it comfrotable :), simply because I dislike working in sales, but maybe you are different.

Talk2Rep is one of the leading telemarketing company in the U.S. However, they offer customer service jobs as well.

You can read my entire review here:
Talk2Rep.com Review

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writers are paid according to the number of articles that are written.
If you like to write, then this is the job for you.

I personally recommend Academic Essay Writing.

If you embrace the skills, education, and experience to write grammatically-correct resource papers on  a lot of different subjects, then you already have most of what it takes to join a team of exclusive freelance writers whom are making money from home right now, writing essays.

You must be able to write English fluently,  and you must also be able to perform research online to gather the information that is needed to write the eaasy.

I have written an article on Academic Writing Jobs as well as other related articles in the same field here: Freelance Writing Jobs.

Hope this helps!

Data Entry Jobs

As a ChaCha guide, you will be responsible for utilizing a database to select answers to random questions from customers.  Depending on your position, you may be required to use the Internet to retrieve information for a specif query.  KGB is a similar company.  Other companies such as Dion Data Solutions and Driverguide are also data entry jobs that you can do from home on your computer.

Customer Service Jobs

Many companies are looking for well-trained customer support representatives to work from home.

Telephone Mystery Shopping Jobs

Most assignments will require that you make outgoing calls to perform the mystery shop. You will not be paid hourly but per shop, which is anywhere from $3 – $8.
The only company that I know of that offers this type of mystery shopping is Telexpertise.


Several small businesses are outsourcing their workload to independent contractors who have the necessary skills to complete a specific project.  These are usually small projects that does not pay much to complete the project, however it is beneficial is you are able to do more than one project a day.

I like Cloudcrowd because they promise you;ll be the paid the very next day.

Online Proofreader Jobs

Individuals with great editing skills can excel as an online proofreader. I have put together a list of proofreading jobs. Take a moment to look them over if you are intereted in a position such as this one.

Technical Support Jobs

Technical support jobs from home are becoming more and more popular due to the increase of remote assistance to customers.  Companies are now allowing trained IT professionals the ability to connect via the Internet to assist customers with computer issues as well as other issues customers may be experiencing.
Aegis People Support is a great place to start your research.


Blogging is not considered a job, but it is something that you can do from home on your computer. Most bloggers are able to make money by posting advertisments on their website. The money you make from one advertisement could be from $5.00 to $100.00. It all depends on the company.

I wrote an article about how you can make a lot of money blogging. This article is pretty old but I believe it gives good insight into what blogging really is.

Work from home careers.

10 jobs you can do from home on your computer, How to find work from home careers.


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