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Update: I wrote this article: Examiner.com – A work from home job review over two years ago. Since then, things have truly changed. Feel free to read the article – however, for me, the incentives have truly changed. It has been over a year now and I have not recieved the amount of money that I have shown you in this article. I do, still get a lot of attention for my knowledge on their website but I have not been generating that much money with them.

If you are serious about getting a real job that will pay you on an hourly pay – then you should read my article “Home Job Stop Review“.  I will give you an inside look at the database that I use on a weekly basis to help you find real jobs  at home.


I work for Examiner.com.  If you have reached this site from searching, it’s probably because you’ve came across a job lead on career builder or some other job site.  You’re probably a little skeptical about Examiner and want to know a little bit more about what it is. I was the same way and I did not move forward until I knew about Examiner.com entirely. The information below will give you insight of how I am  able to generate income from writing articles for Examiner.com and what you should expect if you decide to come on board with the company. This is my personal review, No HYPE..

What is Examiner.com?

Examiner.com is local online newspaper for your city. They hire freelance writers, such as you and me, who are experts in their field of knowledge to write local informative articles to their broad online audience.Topics on Examiner.com range from local sports information, celebrity news, fast food reviews, and a range of other topics. I write for Examiner, I am the Jacksonville Work From Home Examiner.  My articles cover work from home job leads…

How does Examiner.com pay?

The question everyone wants to know…how much does Examiner.com pay?

Examiner.com has a pay-per-view structure that allows their online writers to be paid based on traffic that they bring to the site, however traffic is just a portion of the pool of earnings that can be made from writing content for Examiner.com.

Examiner.com pay is based on a rating that considers a number of factors, which includes things like subscriptions, page view traffic and session length, in addition to others. Your pay may fluctuate depending on any of these and other factors.


Since I write for Examiner.com, I can tell you the pattern I have seen.  Normally I generate one cent per page view and $1.00 for every local article that I write that follows their rules and guidelines. They will not pressure you to write locally relevant articles, but by doing so you increase your pay. So instead of getting paid one cent per page view, you will automatically get paid $1.00 on top and then generate extra change on top of that.  It only makes sense to try to focus on writing a article that can be geared towards your local city.

It may not seem like much but I enjoy the “perks” of writing for Examiner.

Not only does Examiner.com pay you for writing locally-related articles within your chosen topic, they also run frequent contest! For Example, in March (2010) they were running a contest called March Madness which will enter you in a drawing to win $50 or $100 for five days. This is a daily drawing just for submitting an article. At the end of the five day contest, they will have another drawing for the grand prize of $1000. The more articles you submit while this contests is going on the more chances you will have to win!

Here is a screen shot of the email they sent to me regarding this contest.

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Guess what?? There is more!

Examiner Referral Program


As an Examiner writer you will have the benefit to participate in their referral program. You must be a writer in order to participate.  When you refer someone to become a writer, Examiner.com will pay you $50 per referral on top of the earnings you are already generating from your articles.You can also refer small businesses too.

They trust the writers to seek out other qualified writers because we know what they expect of us and we have the ability to choose the best writers for Examiner.com…sort of like a company you work for in a tangible location that has a referral bonus for everyone you refer that ends up getting hired.

Examiner.com has a referral program that will have you earning big bucks for inviting your friends to do the same thing that you are doing…writing articles!

That’s right. Examiner.com will pay you $50.00 for referring your friends, family, or people whom you think would be good at doing this. It may be someone who knows the best place to find good coupons or a good friend of yours that knows how to live a healthy lifestyle and can tell others how to do the same. The possibilities of writing for Examiner.com is limitless. If a subject you are interested in is not available from the list, then you can suggest your own.

Its still not over!

Not only will they pay you $50 for referring people to Examiner.com (of course, they have to be hired for you to be paid), they will also pay you $50 for any business you refer who would like to become a sponsor. All you have to do is use a simple form and refer local business in your area and Examiner will do the rest.

So if you refer one person and one business per day, you have already accumulated $100 in one day in addition to the articles you write and the possibility of winning a drawing. (The person you refer must be hired and the business must become a sponsor). Normally when you tell people how much potential there is to make money with Examiner.com they usually jump on the opportunity. Really, who wouldn’t want to be apart of this community with all the ways to generate income???

Why I like Examiner.com?

  • As if all I have said is not enough to justify the reasons why I like Examiner.com…Examiner.com has never paid me late, I have never had an issue with being paid. Every month they have paid me on time for my referrals and articles. Look at how much I made last month. This may not be a full-time job but it definitely helps me out at the end of the month….Image and video hosting by TinyPic I tried to highlight my email address, so that you will know this is real. I like to see proof, so I thought this would be helpful to you.  My Title is at the top too.


  • You are not limited to your friends and family as referrals. Because of the expansion of online technology, you can now take advantage of Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about Examiner.com. Get on Twitter and started tweeting about this opportunity to get more referrals. Remember one hired referral is $50. Not only can you tweet about hiring opportunities at Examiner.com but you can also tweet about the articles you write to generate more traffic…which means more money for you.


  • Examiner will help promote the articles you write by rotating them on their homepage, which means that your articles will get the exposure it needs to generate some income on it’s on automatically.


  • Examiner.com ranks high in search engines, which means if someone searches for a specific topic that you are writing about, your content will likely show up…which means more traffic….which means more money. You can can increase your chances of showing up high on the list by using relevant keywords in your articles.


  • Examiner.com is ran by real people. You will have constant support from your group leader. He/she will provide useful tips and resources to help you succeed as a freelance writer for Examiner.com.


  • You are not expected to write articles every day or every week. You write on your own schedule, when you want, however you should write at least one article every 30 days to stay fresh in the search engines.


  • You write and edit your own content. No one will tell you what or how to write.


  • Your articles will remain on Examiner.com forever. So even when you are not writing fresh content, the articles you have written will continue to generate income.


  • You can expose you personal business website by placing a back-link to your site.  You can build your online presence as an expert in your niche.

Why you may not like Examiner.com


  • Examiner.com only has one method of payment which is PayPal.com. They do not send checks. I like PayPal.com because it is a safe and easy way to send and receive money online without giving personal information. Paypal send and receive money by use of an email. Very simple process. At the beginning of the process you will set up your bank account information and personal information. PayPal will store this information under your already existing email account. When you transfer money or money is sent to you the only thing the other person sees is your email address.


  • You must accumulate $25.00 before they will pay you, which should not be hard with all the ways we have discussed here to reach that amount. They will pay you monthly every time you reach the minimum threshold.


  • You only get $0.01(apprx.) per-page-view, however, all the other ways to make money makes up for this!

Things you need to know about the hiring process at Examiner.com.

  • You will need a writing sample related to your topic. Make sure to check your spelling before submitting. You are your own copy editor. Make sure everything looks good.


  • When you refer people, make sure you tell them to look over their initial article as well.


  • It normally takes a few days for them to decide whether or not you are hired to work with them. Be patient you will know soon.

How much have I made with Examiner.com?

Just writing articles in 2009 (from October to December), I generated about $349.83. Referral fees not included. I managed to earn an additional $100 per month for referrals. There was potential for more but I did not use Twitter or other resources to promote my articles as much in 2009. Since Twitter is an everyday ritual of my schedule now, you can only imagine how much money I am making today.

So how much can I make realistic with Examiner.com in one day. Here’s an example:

  • Refer one person who becomes a writer for Examiner a day – $50
  • Refer one business who becomes a sponsor (like your local library) – $50
  • Writer one local article – $1
  • Expose your article to an audience using Twitter- $1 per 100, $10.00 per 1000, etc

Money made in one day = $101.00 minimum.

Money made in one week = $707.00 minimum.

Realistically, you don’t have to refer someone everyday, even if you get two referral a month, that’s still $100 extra dollars. This is just another simple way to make money from home.  You have to put forth the effort to make the money.  It will not automatically come to you, but I believe if you take advantage of the advice I have given you, you will reap the benefits.

Final notes on Examiner.com:

Examiner.com is not a scam.  It is a real company and I have enjoyed working for them.  The best thing about Examiner is that you get the exposure you need and you are recognized as an expert in your field.  Many people who were seeking telecommute careers found me through Examiner.com and now they truly appreciate my advice.  If you have a small business, have a unique talent, or you know a whole lot about something, then this could be your break.

Examiner.com is open to ideas, so even if you don’t see a topic that you would like to choose, you can suggest one.

The pay is not all that, but if you are creative, money will not be an issue for you.  I believe you too will enjoy writing for them, just as I do.








Ready to get started?





Visit www.examiner.com and start the application process.  You have nothing to lose.  They will either accept you are not but there is no reason not to atleast try.













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