Disciple’s Cross Review – Craft Assembly at Home

Have you heard of Disciple’s Cross?

I’m sure that you have seen Disciple’s Cross floating all over the Internet and you are probably confused as to which way to go.   You probably have so many overwhelming questions, like 

Should I try Disciple’s Cross,”
Is Disciple’s Cross a scam,
Has anyone made any real money with Disciple’s Cross.”

And I am sure that you’re probably on the edge of your seat, because you really want to try this opportunity but you don’t want to get scammed!

By now I am sure you already know who he is (a pastor from Slidell), what show he is from (Survivor Thailand), and how his necklaces became popular because just about every site I have came cross has stated this several times.

So I am here to give you an unbiased Disciple’s Cross review so that you are able to make your own decision on whether or not you would like to take on this opportunity.  So let’s get to the real questions, shall we?

How easy are Disciple’s Cross to make?


Making these cross necklaces is suppose to be fairly easy, however I have heard that there are several quality factors that you will have to meet.  If it’s not assembled correctly, you will not be paid for that product if you decide to sell it back to John.

John sends you a start-up kit with enough materials in it to make at least 25 necklaces. You will receive 100 nails, 25 different colored wires, 25 cords, bags and ties, an instructional video, a sample disciple cross necklace, and other materials to help you along the way.

You will need to have some crafting skills although they send you an instructional video.  From the reviews I have read, there are several that said they have had success with making the crosses and selling them to friends and family, whereas others complained about the buy back program.  So it really depends on the choice you make…would you like to make the crosses and sell them to churches, organization, friends and family or would you like to take advantage of their buy back program.

If you decide to make the cross and sell them on your own, then you probably will have more success since you set your own prices.  This is how it works:

You will get the supplies from Disciple’s Cross.  Take the supplies and make your own cross and sell them to whomever you wish and keep the profits.

I have heard that this is the most beneficial choice to make.  I have not heard many good reviews about the buy back program.  Some people have complained that Disciple’s Cross is really slow about send out checks, taking as long as two months to pay their reps.  To me, that is a little long to wait on the money you have earned, especially if you are trying to make a living from home off of this opportunity.  If you want to read another Disciple’s Cross review, I suggest you read the ripoff report.  On this site, there are people who have had success and others whom have not…but it all falls in the same category which is people were having problems with the buy back program…  However the ones who sold the crosses on their own have nothing less than positive reviews.

How the buy back program works:

John will pay you $1.25 per cross that meets their quality standards, $1.00 each for material reimbursement, and $5.00 reimbursement for each package sent with 50 or more units for mailing costs.  So basically, you will have to meet their quality standards in order to be paid a $1.25 per cross and a $1.00 for the material reimbursement. 

Keep in mind that people have complained about not getting paid in a timely manner, so to me, making your own crosses and selling them at craft fairs, churches, and to family and friends will probably be the best option.

Has anyone made any real money with Disciple’s Cross?

Nailed4All.com has taken advantage of selling their cross necklaces on their own.  So basically he has built a website for the disciple cross necklaces that he has created and sells them for his own set price.  This may be an option for you. He stated on the WAHM site that he has had more success with selling them on his own.

Do I recommend Disciple’s Cross?

Disciple’s Cross starter kit is $69.95 and it includes everything that you need to get started to make 25 cross necklaces.  If you want to sell the crosses on your own and not participate in the buy back program, then yes I recommend the product, otherwise enter at your own risk with what I have stated.  

Disciple’s Cross is not a scam, however I do believe they have had some problems with paying their reps.  One of the best opportunities about Disciple’s Cross is that you are able to produce your own necklaces (manipulating the design up to 20%) and sell them to whomever you wish.  However would not get involved with the buy back program.

Overall, I think that Disciple’s Cross is a good opportunity for those of you who may be interested in selling the cross necklaces to family and friends, or maybe organizations or at craft fairs.

I hope that I have presented you with enough information for you to make your own decision.  I am sure that you have came across other Disciple’s Cross reviews that may seem one-sided.  I have tried my best to present you with an unbiased Disciple’s Cross review. If you feel the need to do further research then do so, otherwise if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity then visit the Disciple’s Cross website and take the time to  read their FAQ’s section so you can learn more about the “buy back program” and the “sell on your own” opportunity.

Share your reviews…

I wish you much success with what ever choice you make.  If you have tried this opportunity and would like to share your Disciple’s Cross review, then feel free to leave a comment.

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