ChaCha – A work from home job review

This is an honest review of chacha from my experience and hopefully it will help you decide whether or not you would like to apply to work for the company or give you insight on what to expect during the hiring process.

What is ChaCha?

ChaCha is a search engine ran by real people not robots.

ChaCha expeditors receive inquiries from cell phone users and then routes the question to one of their ChaCha experts.

These ChaCha experts are called guides and they answer these specific questions.

A real live person (ChaCha guide)  returns the answer to the person’s cell phone.

Breaking it down…

  • A person texts a questions to CHACHA (242-242).
  • The question is received by a ChaCha expeditor ( the person who routes the question to an ChaCha expert (guide).
  • This process normally takes one to two minutes.

Interesting Facts

ChaCha is available 24 hours a day and is completely free service to use. No question is off-limits when using ChaCha receives a variety of inquiries ranging from topics, such as the weather, sports, driving directions to jokes and stocks. As a guide you can never really be sure what type of question to expect. Some questions my even be offensive – and I have came across many like this.

How to work for ChaCha?

If you are considering becoming a guide for ChaCha, you have chosen the best time to apply. ChaCha had closed their hiring session due to an overwhelming amount of interested applicants seeking employment with their company. I am assuming this was due to their hiring announcement on Good Morning America. Now that things have died down a nit, they are giving smart savvy people another chance to work with their company.

Requirements and Hiring Process

  • You must be 18 years or older and live in the United States.
  • The following steps will need to be completed:
    • Register as a guide on the website by clicking on the become a guide link.
    • Answer simple personal questions about yourself and setting a user name and password.
    • Watch a few videos to help you become more familiar with what ChaCha (you will be given this information after you register).
    • Fill out your W-9 form.
    • Take a compatibility assessment test.
    • You will receive an email confirmation to inform you if you have passed the assessment. It took them about three days to contact me.  So do not worry if you have not heard from them in a day or two.

After you have received the email confirmation, these things will follow:


  • ChaCha will prepare you for the readiness test.
  • Before taking the test, you will go through orientation and training.
  • After you successfully pass the test, your account becomes active as a ChaCha guide.

My Warning to You:

After I passed the initial test, I was very excited to move forward. But here’s my warning to you, you have a lot more to learn than you think so take your time and really go through the training and orientation videos.

The great thing about the ChaCha University (the place where you go to prepare for the readiness test) is that you can watch the videos as many times as you like.

The only thing that I did not like about the training and orientation is that you are not able to do a real practice.

Your ultimate test will include taking live questions and answering them in a timely manner. Some questions may need to be cleaned up before answering, such as misspellings, etc.

In the University, they tell you all of these things and even show you how to perform the required actions, however you will not be able to try these things until you take the live test.

Most likely, you will get nervous on your first question and your time will run out…like it did for me…but no worries you will have 9 more questions to answer.

Once you get to that 3rd question you will be on a roll answering inquiries.

Here are some tips for the live test.

  1. Try to answer the question correctly rather than rushing to beat the clock. ChaCha wants to know if you have what it takes to deliver accurate answers back to their customers. I am not saying take all day to answer the question but take the time to answer them correctly.

If you have heard enough about the company and would like to apply, you can do so at . Please let them know I referred you by entering my email address

How and how much do I get paid?

This has been highly debated by ChaCha guides.  The payrate per inquiry depends on your role and current contests.

The money earned is based on a share of a dedicated compensation pool, and guides are credited the last business day of the following month.

Contests are also available to boost points and encourage competition.

There are different roles as a guide.

Here are some current pay rates for different roles at ChaCha.

  • The Transcriber Role and Pay Rate:
    • The transcriber is responsible for listening to audio files and transcribing the audio into  a text version.
    • The transcriber pay rate is normally $0.04 per query.
  • The Expeditor Role and Pay Rate:
    • The expeditor (the role I do) is responsible for categorizing the question and sending it an expert (specialist) to return an answer.
    • The transcriber pay rate is normally $0.02 per query.

The amount you are paid per minute depends on how fast you are at answering or expediting the questions.


If you answer

  • three questions per minute, you will be paid $0.06 per minute. six cents per minute times sixty minutes is equal to $3.60/hour.
  • six questions per minute, you will be paid $0.12 per minute, twelve cents per minute times sixty is equal to $7.20/hour.

Not a lot of money – but if you are doing this while watching your favorite TV episode on television – then I think it is well worth the time.

If you have heard enough about the company and would like to apply, you can do so at . Please let them know I referred you by entering my email address

What to expect after becoming a guide for ChaCha
  • You can log on at anytime to take live questions from customers. ChaCha provides a website that allows you to choose if you are “available” or “away” to take calls.
  • You can connect with other guides via the forum where they share complaints, tips and build friendships.
  • You can return to the ChaCha University at anytime to freshen up on previous training and lessons from the past. From time to time they also provide new training material.
  • Available tech support.
  • You will receive daily emails from ChaCha to let you know about their power hours, tips, new training material, your performance review, current contests, and when there is a high volume of inquiries.
  • You choose to work when you want to. There is not a set time schedule for you to follow.
What to worry about as a ChaCha guide

  • After officially becoming a guide for chacha, they will expect you to answer the questions correctly and in a timely manner.
  • If your answer is not satisfactory according to their rules and guidelines you will not be paid for that particular query.
  • If you continue to answer question in an incorrect format,  ChaCha will send you are warning to your email account and advise you to look over your training material once again.
Word of Advice about the previous statements…

Personally, this is not a big deal to me. There has been a couple of questions that I answered and I misspelled a word due to my fast typing and no spell checker on their system. So, of course that was not acceptable. Take a second glance at your answer before hitting the submit button.
Payment options for ChaCha.
There are two ways to get paid by ChaCha.


  1. By setting up a free account with First Internet Bank. They will send you a visa card that will be used to deposit all your funds. This option allows you to instantly receive your cash rather than waiting until the end of the month.  There is a $2.00 processing fee for using this option. You can withdraw at anytime.
  2. They will deposit income into your personal checking account (monthly).
How to make the most money from ChaCha
  • Set aside a time of the day that works best for you. It may be during TV time at 9 p.m. or when your kids are taking their daily nap. Try and check in everyday around the same time. Be consistent.
  • Set a daily amount goal. Decide on the amount of money you want to make per day. Then, break that amount down into hours. Decide on how many queries you will have to take to earn that amount per hour. Using this method, you will most likely reach your goal for the day.
ChaCha will not work for:
  • People who get bored easily.  In order to make money with ChaCha you must be consistent.  If not, you will find that you are not making as much money as you would like.
  • People who are holding their children while on the computer.  Holding a child would make taking inquires from ChaCha very difficult.
Who ChaCha is recommended for:
  • People who need a little extra money on the side.
  • People who want to be productive while watching TV or passing time.


Overall, I think that ChaCha is a great way to assist your already existing income. I would not expect to earn a full-time job income going into this, however it is enough to pay some bills or pay for your gas a few times a week. It really depends on your consistency and speed. If you can commit yourself to doing this once a day, you can expect to see some constant money rolling in.

As an expediter, I love my position. I have been working with ChaCha for a while and I find it to be fun and challenging. I have made money through them. They have paid me. It’s really an easy way to make money on the side from home.

I added this photo due to a comment made on this article.  Here is proof of my ChaCha debit card…

If you are ready to get started, please visit their site @ . You are by no means obligated to tell them I referred you but it would be nice if you chose to do so. Just enter my email: when they asked who referred you.

More Resources:

Work from home careers.

ChaCha Work at Home Review, How to find work from home careers.



  • Tiffany

    Sounds interesting I will have to look more into it. Your review will def help if I decided to try it out.


  • Working from howe

    Thanks. I hope it works out for you. It works well for me in my spare time while watching tv.

  • Kim

    Thanks for sharing this! I joined at the end of January and worked for a little bit in February. I didn't do a lot because I could not get a straight answer from the forum or other reviews on how much money I would make. When I got my earnings I was not disappointed – since I knew it was just part time income.

    My only complaint, and I have shared this with ChaCha via a survey they sent out, is that if you choose the debit card payment they take $2.00 each time you request money or if you choose the direct deposit approach you must accumulate $100 before you can touch it. I am hoping they will look into paypal in the future.

    Thanks again!

  • Shannon

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure that others can use this information as well.

  • Anonymous


    Not trying to be a "Debbie Downer", but the ChaCha pay scale has changed a lot since this article was written. I joined ChaCha as a guide approximately 2 years ago. Back then, you would make .10 per question until you reached 100 questions, then your pay was increased to .20 per question. With the highest pay rate, I was able to make $8-$10 an hour from my home quite easily. Unfortunately, ChaCha's pay scale has changed dramatically. There is no longer a threshold to meet, you are simply paid .10 – .20 per question depending upon the category. MOST questions are only worth .10. Additionally, ChaCha's traffic has decreased dramatically, making the work hardly worth the effort. I used to make as much as $10 an hour, and now I'm lucky if I make $3.

    I was VERY satisfied in working for ChaCha in the beginning, but all of the changes have made it not worth it anymore.

  • Shannon

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with us. I have heard that ChaCha payscale has changed dramtically but it must had changed before I became a guide.

    I work as an expeditor and recieve back to back queries every time I sign in. For me, the pay is pretty good.

    The great thing that I like about chacha is that they now run frequent contests and allow chacha guides to make more money.

    Just this pass Mother's Day, they gave out an extra $4 for every 400 transactions you took and then and extra $2.50 for every 250 additional queries.

    I think they have the best intentions on trying to help people make more money, however, I know it may be frustrating for people whom have made more in the past.

    I have proof of the bonus points, golden tickets, and contests if any one wants a copy…send me an email to request the information :

    Again, thanks for stopping by! This information will help someone else who may be curious of how the payscale use to be.


  • Anonymous

    correct me if I am wrong, I logged on today to see if I still had a account. I answered a couple of questions and got paid 2 cents per question!!! That is just crazy. Flippin burgers is starting to look good!!


  • Work at Home Reviews

    Hi Shelly,

    I understand your frustration, however in my article I clearly state how much you will make doing this. This is definitely not a full-time or part-time job, just a way to make extra money in your spare time (maybe watching TV or something), nothing more.

    If you are interested in making a full-time income from home, I suggest that you check out the customer service positions that I post on here. That may be more down your alley.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Anonymous

    I love working for ChaCha, it has been paying my rent for the last couple months. I even wrote my own blog about it.

  • Lauralei Properties

    I also work for ChaCha and love it – you can make decent money and there are a few tricks to making a little extra on there – passing the test is the first hurdle and it is best to talk with someone who has done it – you can only take the test once – email me and I can help = put me as a referral and I can help you throughout the whole process ..

  • Lauralei Properties

    I also work for ChaCha and love it – you can make decent money and there are a few tricks to making a little extra on there – passing the test is the first hurdle and it is best to talk with someone who has done it – you can only take the test once – email me and I can help = list me as a referral and I will help you with the whole process…

  • Anonymous

    Cha Cha is one of the worst sites I have ever used and been apart of. For one, there are many sites out there that allow you to work from home and make a lot more money as compared to Cha Cha.

    Anyway, I signed up for ChaCha back in October of 2010 and NEVER HEARD BACK FROM THEM. I finally got frustrated with them and sent them an email asking about my test results and they kept sending me computer-generated emails. Very frustrating! Finally, I got a response from them stating that I was actually accepted as a guide and they just forgot to activate my account. Considering the fact that you have to go through their "university" and watch about an hour's worth of training videos in order to "work" for's ridiculous.

    After that, I was somewhat excited to begin my work for them. After all, almost everyone says that you can make 15-20cents per question you answer. This pay rate is no longer valid since Cha Cha has now become a free service and has thousands of Guides working for them. The current rate of pay is 2cents per question answered. Yes….TWO CENTS. I spent an hour on Cha Cha and answered a ton of questions and came out with about $1. A dollar an hour????!!! That's absolutely terrible and NO ONE needs to work under those conditions. There is no profit to be made from Cha Cha and you are just wasting your time if you think there is. What's more, the majority of the questions you will be answering are sent to you by preteens; lots of sex/does he love me? type questions.

    I truly hope that more people see Cha Cha for what it really is: a triangle scam. I work from home on a variety of different sites for about three hours a day and I make almost $1,000 a month. Cha Cha is nothing compared to other methods out there.

    • jodi

      What sites do you work for, making $1,000 a month?

      • shannperks

        I truly agree that there are other methods of making money out there… There are many routes to take online but you have to be very careful. If you are not knowledge about the scams out there you can get tricked into spending money and never making any. ChaCha is a time-passer – not a real job. It’s something that I recommend doing if you have nothing else to do. Maybe answering a few questions during a commercial. I was successful by logging in when they mentioned more pay for answering more questions at a certain time. On the other hand, the only way to make real money online is by starting a blog and setting up advertisements on it. There are many successful internet marketers out there and I make pretty good money on my blog without having to do much. It takes time to get it going as you will need to provide useful information for it to be successful – but I believe it’s worth it.

  • Work at Home Reviews

    Thanks for leaving your comment.

    I understand the way you feel – but to be honest with you, I hop on when they have their contests and offer extra money per transaction. Normally during these times, they will double your points.

    Chacha is by no means a part-time job – it’s just a way pass time along.

  • lauralei

    I love it – I made $360 last month, just working when they have contests – and I have $120 in bonuses alone so far this month. If you work the system, work during contests and build up your team – it is a great part time income.
    email me for tips

  • Anonymous

    I have been a ChaCha guide since the summer 2010, and I've answered nearly 900 questions. My total accrued earnings are around $28. You cannot get your earnings unless 1) you accrue at least $150; or 2) you set up a bank account with a particular bank the company has chosen, and then you must agree to get your payments via a bank card. There is a $2 fee each time you request a payment into the card. Also, there appeared to be other bank fees. If you don't wish to have the bank account, you must wait until you have accumulated $150 to request a check.

    I don't know if I will go back to ChaCha. I am a high scorer — that means my answers, which are corrected at random by a ChaCha employee, have been consistently in the 90%-100% range. Many of the questions are very difficult to answer — people will ask for directions from point A to point B — inquiries that require at least 4 minutes to answer. At 2 pennies per answer, you would be earning 30 cents an hour if you get hard questions. If you elevate the question to someone else, you risk getting a score of zero for that question. You are randomly rated on 10 questions per week, and if you fall below a certain percentage, you may be eliminated from ChaCha, and then you don't see your accumulated earnings.

    I signed up because I had heard good things about it. A talk show host gave it good reviews, but this was in the early phase of the company when the rate per answer was much higher. Had I known that it would take me nearly 900 questions to earn $28, I would never have provided my personal information to sign up for ChaCha.

    Last week, I received an email from ChaCha asking me why I haven't been on lately. I gave ChaCha one last try, but many of the questions still take too long for the 2 cents per question, and I am not the type to just give any answer just to get the question done. One of the questions I received was from someone who wanted to know if a classmate of his recently passed away by suicide. My answer was that the family wishes for privacy at this time, and the cause of death has not been made public. I got a zero from a ChaCha rater for my answer, and I asked ChaCha what would have been the correct answer. There was nothing on any website. Totally ridiculous.

  • lauralei

    If you are an expeditor working for 2 cents you do not research questions – if the answer is not immediately available you send it on to a guide – you should be able to answer 3-4 questions a minute

  • miker

    I have been a ChaCha Expeditor for about a week and I am very disappointed. I can answer about 80 question per hour for about a total $1.60 per hour. The minnimum pay out amount is $150 either by direct deposit or some kind of debit card (which sounds scammy to me). If I had known any of this before ChaCha got all my personal info, I would have never signed up. I usually earn about $150 for 1- 8 hour day, so to think that I have to 100hours or more to recieve any pay from them makes ChaCha "employment" more like a trivia game that you little and rare pay from.
    ChaCha needs to be more upfront with the people they "contracting" before collecting private info.
    ChaCha just another internet scam job.

  • Work at Home Reviews

    I’m sorry you feel that way – however ChaCha is definitely not a scam. As far as the ChaCha debit card, I hold one myself and I have never had a problem with getting paid (BTW, I have added a picture of my ChaCha debit card to the review). You can withdraw the money you have earned at anytime – however there is a $2.00 transaction fee for each withdrawal – sort of like the fee you pay when you withdraw your money from a ATM machine. The personal information they request is for W-2’s, if you make a certain amount you have to pay your taxes.

    As stated in my review – this is not a part-time job, this is something to pass time while watching TV or just passing time period – you can’t expect to get rich doing this – just make a little extra cash.

  • Rosi

    Hey all ! I too am a former Cha-cha-er! I worked with it for about a month and that was all I needed to realize that it was not enough for me…I was not fast enough to answer the question which lead me to -0- income. However I did discover a great upcoming company called Varolo. Visit To give you a bit of background, you get paid to watch commercials and the more people you refer the more you get paid and the higher your chances are to win the weekly jackpot! This week, the jackpot is at $375.00. IF that's not enough, the commercials you chose to watch offers you discounts – for example you can receive 20% coupon with Nintendo or XBox ( I think )…and ITS FREE!!!! check it out!

  • David

    Thank you! This has been very helpful. I am wondering though, if I don’t make 150/100 (I’ve heard it both ways) then do I lose that money when the new billing month starts? The agreement I was reading made it sound that way. And if you are terminated (which I heard happens frequently) do they still pay what you have earned. This sounds like a great idea to me since I spend anywhere from 2-5 hours a day watching tv and wasting time on the Internet.. As well, if I get a the card, I can access those funds at an ATM correct? Sorry if any of these were already answered. I really did read the whole thing but I may have missed something.

    • Shannon

      Hi David,
      I use to work for ChaCha quite frequently and I hardly ever reached 150/100 in one setting but I still got paid. I am not sure what happens if you are terminated, but I believe they would be obligated to pay you for the work you have done. If you get the ATM card that they reccommend, you will be able to withdraw money from an ATM anytime you please. When I first started I was very skeptical of getting the ChaCha debit card – but when I needed money right away – I found that the card was more convenient to use. I decided to get it a couple of months after I had started.

      Hope this helps!
      ~ Shannon

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  • MicheB

    Thank you for your honest review!

  • jeanne

    How can start become aguide to make real money jeanne

  • jeanne

    Does cost something