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A temporary work from home position with 1-800-FLOWERS

by January 22, 2010 Work At Home Reviews

Work at home job review for 1-800-FLOWERS

1-800-FLOWERS.COM’s customer contact center is currently recruiting agents for its Work from Home Customer Service team. This team is responsible for providing professional, courteous, responsive and accurate assistance to their customers from the comfort and convenience of your home office. As a Sales and Service Specialists you are the first contact for their customers and you will be responsible for the effective and efficient handling of customer needs. You will be completing transactions in real time, working with several software applications; following up on promises and commitments on a timely fashion; appropriately identifying and resolving escalated issues.

You must possess the following qualifications:

  • You must be a resident and live in the following states: Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Illinois ,Montana, New Hampshire New Mexico, New York, New Hampshire New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, and Virginia
  • Highly PC literate
  • PC with a high-speed Internet connection
  • Type 35 words per minute is essential
  • Prior call center experience (strongly preferred)
  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Must have a high school diploma/GED
  • Strong written and verbal skills required
  • Fundamental math skills required
  • Sales skills.experience
  • Must be motivated and dependable

Make sure that you are prepared for the interview. You can view interview details below. You may also need to update your resume to grab the recruiters attention. I have written an article on both of these topics.

1. Work from home interview questions
2. Work from home resume writing tips

I hope you enjoyed my 1-800-FLOWERS work from home job review. You can always find work from home jobs at HomeJobStop which is my top resource for finding homebased jobs.

You can apply for 1-800-FLOWERS homebased position at:;=9000#1

Just click on the link above current openings where it says Customer Service – Temporary Customer Service Opportunity.

Good luck with this opportunity!



  • Anonymous

    Thanks. Great info Shannon!

  • Deanna

    Thanks for this. I would definitely appy if I had a little extra time!
    Following you back!


  • Carlysmomma

    While this seems appealing, working from home, You want to keep in mind when they say “you can work anywhere from 15-55 hours a week.”  I just resigned from my position with 1800flowers, because I thought that statement meant that I got to choose how many hours I wanted to work.  No!  They schedule you over 50 hours a week, 9-10 hour days several days in a row (I was on for 11 straight days).  Again, while it’s great working from home, also keep in mind, you are glued to you seat.  There’s no answering the door when the UPS guy knocks, going to the bathroom, not even walking down the hall to get a drink — not unless it’s during your scheduled break time.  The training is long and intense and barely covers what you need to know.  Plan on your first SEVERAL phone calls not knowing how to handle the customer request and having to ask for help in the chat rooms, with very long and sometimes curt responses from the mentors.  Finally, if you do not regurgitate their script verbatim you will be given a bad review, and by this I mean, don’t apologize to the customer, you say “I’m sorry” or else you lack empathy, get a bad review.  I believe the 1800flower temporary position is a great sign of how hypocritical the company is, they don’t value the people they employ, yet rely on those same people to put on a front that they are a company that values people.  

    • Thank you Carlysmomma for giving us such a straight-forward, honest review of the company. These are definitely things to consider when taking on the job, not just at 1-800-Flowers, but customer service jobs at home in general. To add to what you have said, I believe that working at home does take some responsibility in finding what works best for your schedule. At my last job, I choose to work at night when the kids were sleeping but it is still true what you have said – you will definitely be glued to your seat until that shift is over. Great points Carlysmomma and thanks for chiming in.