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Review work at home positions, including hourly pay, benefits, pros and cons.

  • What is a LiveOps ?

LiveOps is leading the revolution in distributed and work from home, agent-based services. They have built the largest network of independent distributed agents in the nation, and they are serious about creating a real business opportunity.

  • Why become a LiveOps Agents?

1. Freedom to Work from Home with Your Own Set Schedule

Becoming a LiveOps Agent allows you the freedom to set your own hours. You can provide services as little or as often as you want…which means you spend time with your family and friends when you like. You can take a vacation whenever you decide!

2. Financial Freedom from Home

As an LiveOps agent, the best agents receive the most calls and in return their clients will most likely increase its revenue with each successful call.

3. Save on Gas and Business Attire

Having a home-based business saves big on commute time and gas consumption. You don’t have to worry about dry cleaning costs because you are working at home in your pajamas! You provide the same services as you would in a business office as you would in your your home office…but only in your pajamas.

  • What is the Process of becoming an LiveOps Agent?

After the basic information has been provided, LiveOps tests for reading comprehension. During the interview process, they also require a voice audition. Depending on the business opportunities currently available, you may have to complete a 45-minute assessment that will help LiveOps ensure a good match between the candidate and the job opportunities the company provides. After these steps have been completed thoroughly, LiveOps will review your reading test, voice audition, and assessment and objectively make a determine whether or not you fit for their company needs.

  • Are there any Fees?

Normally there are not any fees associated with most virtual companies, however, LiveOps requires the applicant to pay for a routine background and credit check ($50). This is to ensure that they are hiring candidates that meets their standards. This is something that I had to do myself and I can tell you from experience that this is completely legit. The $50 is non-refundable, and in some cases you may be subject to take a drug test screening which may require more fees. When I took my drug screening test for this company it was completely free and I did not have to pay anything. It may depend on the company you use.

  • What Type of Equipment will I need as am LiveOps Agent?

Read my article on “Basic Necessities for a Work at Home Position”.

  • What type of Internet Connectivity do I need?

Your Internet connection must be DSL or Cable Broadband. They will not accept dial-up, satellite or wireless.

  • What type of Telephone Service will I need as an LiveOps Agent?

You can use telephone services provided by a broadband/digital cable company along with any analog phone service, which must be a standard fixed telephone line that travels through a solid medium, either metal wire or optical fiber. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) (e.g. Skype, Vonage), cellular, and satellite are not compatible with LiveOps system and are considered unauthorized phone services. You are also responsible for the battery backup for your cable modem to avoid dropped calls in case of power outages.

  • Will I need Long Distance?

Long distance is not required.

  • Will I need a Separate Telephone Line?

Yes, you will need a dedicated telephone line to receive incoming calls from their clients.

  • Is Apple Macintosh work with LiveOps System?

Not at this time.

  • Can I use Windows Vista?

Windows Vista is compatible with the LiveOps system, however, there are some VPN issues which their vendors are addressing. This means that as an Independent Agent, there are some programs that you will not be able to participate in. But you will be able to participate in most programs (about 95%). The hardware system requirements for running Windows Vista are higher than XP.

  • What Questions can I expect during the Interview Process?

Read my “(Work at Home)Interview Questions” article.


  • Will I be an Employee or Independent Contractor?

You will be an Independent Contractor.

I hope you enjoyed my Job Review of LiveOps. This is truly a legit opportunity and that is all that you will find on my site for sure. To make sure that you are up to date with work from home job opportunities, join myself and others as we we review real work from home jobs and real work from home job leads.



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  • eilove

    The problem with LiveOps is that there is no money to be made.  As an independent contractor, you only get paid per call, and it is a very small amount.  Also, you don’t get very many calls in the beginning, but you need to be on the phone, waiting.  I found the time just wasn’t worth it.

    • Thanks for the update Ellove. It’s always good to hear sound opinions from previous workers of the company. Thanks for posting.